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The mysterious history of roulette

Origins or roulette

Roulette is a well-known casino game. The origins of the game roulette are unknown. Civilizations like Greece, Rome and China played gambling games that were similar to roulette. The modern version of roulette originated in France. In fact, the game roulette name means little wheel in French. The most popular origin story of the game roulette designates French physicist Blaise Pascal as the inventor of the game Roulette. It is possible that at the time Pascal was working on a perpetual motion machine. If this is the case, he failed in his objective but he successfully created one of the most well-known casino games. Pascal and Pierre de Fermat helped lay the framework for probability theory. It is because of pascal and Fermat that gambling probabilities can be supported by mathematics.

Originally the roulette wheel had a zero and double zero according to our sources at 1xbet. The zero used the color red while the double zero used the color black. The zeroes were switched to the color green in the 1800s to ensure players would not become confused. The game roulette also had a single style zero roulette wheel added in the 1800s. Twin brothers Francois and Louis Blanc added the single style zero roulette wheel to lure in players. When countries like Germany banned casinos one of the few places that still allowed gambling was the city of Monaco in France. The Blanc twins were able to bring their single zero style roulette wheel to Monaco where Royalty and Elites were exposed to the single zero style wheel. This allowed the single zero style roulette wheel to become the popular roulette game of Europe. There are legends that Francois Blanc made a deal with the devil to learn the new style of roulette. This legend remains popular because the sum of the number on a roulette wheel containing the numbers 0-36 equals 666.

Roulette in America

French settlers who traveled to Louisiana introduced Americans to the game of roulette. Initially, the game received a cold shoulder from casino operators in Louisiana. The game provided the house with a lower winning probability than casino operators preferred. To make the game more appealing to casino operators a double zero and eagle symbol was added, raising the house probability to 12.90%. The eagle was eventually removed, leaving the zero and double zero on the American roulette-style wheel. This style of roulette is still popular in Canada, South America and the Caribbeans. The single style zero roulette wheel remains popular in Europe. The game roulette has been around for centuries and continues to be one of the most popular games, according to respondents to surveys about casino game preferences.

For a more complete history of gambling (especially in the US) we recommend the following awesome documentary:

Are You Feeling Lucky? How Online Slot Machines Work

Your heart races as you gaze at the bright, flashing images on the screen. Quivering with excitement you click the mouse and hold your breath. Welcome to the world of online gambling and gaming. Traditionally, if you wanted to experience the adrenaline of playing the slots and pressing your luck, you would have had to travel to a casino, fight large crowds for a machine, dig in your pockets for a coin, insert it, and then pull the lever yourself. Now you can play from the comfort of your own home!

Online Vs. Casino

What is an online slot machine? How do they differ from regular slot machines in a casino? How do they work? The term “slot machine” is short for “nickel-in-the-slot machine”, where one would insert a nickel, pull the lever, and try to match up a certain number of images or characters in a row in order to win a cash prize. These gambling devices have not changed much over the years, some showing images of fruit, others displaying numbers or letters. But one major change has occurred –online versions of the game are now available. Some online versions of this classic game may provide bonuses, multipliers, and wilds.

Random Number Generators

Traditional slot machines generate images in a random order mechanically, whereas online slot machines randomly generate images electronically through software called “random number generators”. Some of the images and the number of slots available have changed but the principle is still the same. There are generally three to five sets of reels available. The player makes their wager, clicks on the lever or button, and the images spin. Eventually the spinning stops and then you get your results. Be sure to read any available rules or playing guides. The rarer the image, the higher the payout. Ultimately it all boils down to luck.

Fixed or Fair?

Some people cry “rigged!” when it comes to online slot machines. However, random number generators use an algorithm drawing from thousands of numbers per second and then putting them into random sequences. Those random sequences of numbers then determine the outcome of the spin. Judi slot online terpercaya machines do not keep track of your wins and losses, meaning that each time you click spin, a new randomly generated algorithm is created, and a fresh result occurs. This ensures the game’s fairness. There are numerous choices for online gambling and slot machine games. Try to look for ones with the highest return to player rate. Read the site’s play guides to determine each symbol’s overall worth and how to utilize special features such as bonuses, multipliers, and wilds.

Do’s and Don’ts of Online Slot Games

In many countries, slot games are the most popular form of entertainment in an online casino. In fact, these games often rival the popularity of the traditional table games. If you want to play this game well, keep in mind these simple rules about winning at slot games. We’ll tell you what to do when you are playing, as well as what not to do.

  1. DO Bet Enough To Access The Jackpot

If you are playing progressive slots, know that a small percentage of each wager that millions of players all over the world make are added to a jackpot. It is only by wagering a large enough amount though that the percentage will be taken and you will be eligible to win the jackpot.

  1. DO Choose Games That Suit Your Playing Style

If you are primarily looking for games with major jackpots and the potential to earn you big winnings, games that offer a smaller amount more frequently to boost the plays of their game probably are not for you. Many bandar bola casinos allow you to filter by the winning type and game theme to find one you are comfortable playing and which fits in line with your goals for winning.

  1. DO Stick to a Budget

If you play a lot of games in online casinos, it is good to establish an ‘entertainment budget’ that includes bets on games played. If you are coming to the end of your budget, it is totally fine to lower your bet amount, or even just stop playing. Budgets are how people can protect themselves from falling into debt.

  1. DON’T Think You Can Scam Free Games

Back when casinos were only physical, and slot machines accepted coins, there were several well-known scams to prey on them. One involved a string attached to a coin. You pull it back out, and you can play again. Another involved using a magnet to mess up the electrical components in the machine. Now online casinos are so popular, there are other, more threatening scams. Instead of targeting a single game, it is the whole casino that is at risk. However, many casinos have safeguards in place to catch scams like this, so the chances of pulling one off successfully are very slim.

  1. DON’T Plan on a Huge Windfall

Part of the reason online slots are so popular is that they are low-risk, small-investment games. They do not require a lot for an initial bet, but they also don’t offer much as winnings. Just have fun and maybe win a little. If you’re new to online casinos, slot games are an excellent place to start.

Online Poker Tournaments vs Online Cash Games.

Since the invention of online poker, both tournament and cash game formats have become even more accessible to both the aspiring and poker pros. In poker tournaments, all players start with the same amount of chips and there is an increase in blinds at regular intervals. The goal of the player here is to win chips from all the opponents. When it comes to cash games however, the player’s chips are equivalent to actual dollar amounts and the blinds in this case do not increase.

Below are a few factors that set these two formats apart and will also play a vital role in determining which format is more profitable;



Cash game poker allows the player to decide on how much time they want to commit to the game. This game runs 24/7 and allows a player to come and go as they please with also an advantage of being able to exchange their chips for cash. Tournaments on the other hand start at specific scheduled time with an obligation for all players to register before they participate. The duration of the tournament is also unpredictable as it depends on the number of participants and how long they are able to keep playing. This tournament ends with only one participant emerging as a winner by earning all chips in play and eliminated all other opponents.


Bankroll Management.

Bankroll is basically how much money a player is prepared to spend on a game and this is an essential consideration for players from both formats. A Cash game will require much less bankroll compared to an online porker tournament because of the unbalanced payout schedule. The bankroll of a tournament player will go more often down than up and players need to tread carefully in order to have a good shot at emerging the prize winner. Cash game players are more likely to have it a little easier and yield more success. That being said, the amount of money a cash game will make is expected to be way less than a winner’s share of the tournament game even with the same buy-in amount.



Cash games face less implications of variance and have a much faster turnover according to the poker pros at idn play. It can be more manageable by playing a smaller game and pulling out when things are going towards the wrong direction. Variance however can deprive a tournament player from making profit for over a month and professionals could even look at six months without returns.

Want to learn more about variance? Check out this great youtube video:


Determining whether online poker tournaments are more profitable than cash games or vice versus ultimately depends on the players preference once they have ventured into both formats and identified where they perform better.

Most Popular and Recent Online Slot Games for Gambling in Indonesia

Sometimes back, online slot games were played in casinos and bars, but with the advancement of technology, gambling in Indonesia has reached the online landscape according to the pros over at situs judi slot online. You can clinch slot games from a smartphone nowadays. However, the most appropriate way to know the popular online slot games is by examining the characteristics of the available games. Be a wise slot player by choosing the game that stands out from the crowded slot machine. Taking the best slot is an ideal aspect of a profound earning and money-saving.


 Examples of the Most Popular Online Slot Games in Indonesia

  • Jungle Spirit

This is an exciting slot game of a five-reel that drives you to the tropical jungle’s heart. The jungle is filled with free spins, and its payouts are hidden among the vines and trees. Fighting your way via the foliage leads you to find a full range of free spins and surplus boosts.

  • Bells and Bars

This online slot game is liked by many people in Indonesia due to its plenty of cash prizes. It is actually a relief for your searches. As you play it, you gather some sensational feeling, and you can never be distracted by any feature. Its free spins and design are fantastic.

  • Chili Gold

This is another popular online slot game, which is an added spice to the super-hot. Its design makes the game a real pleasure via surprise boosts that holds your attention to the game. Again, it has prizes and a standard jackpot that enhances its ambiance.

  • Gonzo’s quest

Most of the slot games use traditional symbols. However, Gonzo’s quest does not use these traditional symbols. Instead, it has avalanche features that give the player a chance to win after every spin. It also has a free-fall mode whereby you can enjoy more than fifteen spins in this specific period.

  • Starburst

Starburst is a popular online slot game, and it is an accurate, robust representation, and it is more straightforward as compared to other slot games. For require a few spins so that you can see through the game, and with little patience, you end up winning lucratively. It gives a feeling of relaxation because of its calming sounds that eliminate all kinds of stress in one’s life.


The Safety of Playing the Popular Online Slot Games

Many gamblers panic when they hear about the online slot games played in Indonesia. The good news is that some of the gambling games have been approved by the local government and for you to enjoy the game fully and in safety, you have to follow the stipulated guidelines and play only those permitted by the law.


Checklist: What You Should Know Before You Start Sports Betting

There is no doubt that you have heard of the news where people have won millions of dollars through sports betting, and you are eager to start betting at 먹튀검증 슈어맨 as well. However, you need to take time and learn some critical factors behind sports betting. Equipping yourself with knowledge before engaging in any trade could save your day. Therefore, before you get started on sports betting, here are some essential things you should know.


  1. Betting is Restricted in some Jurisdictions

If you are relatively green in online betting, you might not know that online betting is highly regulated and restricted in some states. Although most of the states in the country are working on legal legislation behind online betting, they are yet to legalize such activities. You need to know the rules and regulations on online betting concerning your jurisdiction. You don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.


  1. Betting can be a Career

In the last few years, millions of people have turned to their computers as a source of income. You might not know, but a significant number of the people who spend their days on their laptops are bettors who have turned betting into a primary source of income. Therefore, as you consider it as a source of entertainment and extra revenues, always know that you can turn betting into your primary source of livelihood.


  1. You can bet on anything

Online and live betting opportunities are opening and expanding all over the world. Some years back, there were only some few betting opportunities. However, in the modern world, there are more than one thousand sporting activities that you can bet each day. Most of the athletic events in the world have found their way into the bookies for betting purposes. This means that there are very many betting opportunities that you can consider other than betting on your college basketball team.


  1. Betting is Addictive

Besides all the good things that have been said about betting, you must appreciate that sports betting is addictive. Millions of people around the world have fallen into the deep hole of sports betting where most of them are languishing in debts, broken families, exhausted life savings, sale of properties while others are being relieved from their duties. Therefore, before you start betting, you need to weigh your options and see whether you will overcome sports betting.

There’s a great docu on Youtube about betting addiction:

Sports’ betting is fun-generating. It will keep you on the edge of your sofa as you push your team to score the determinant point so that you can win. It becomes sour when you do not win, which will happen often. Having such information is essential in preparing you to bet responsibly and make critical decisions when demanded.

The Reason why Basketball is popular online for sports betters

There are many sites out there such as BetOnlineSports, Bovada Sports, and Sportsbetting that are getting the attention of many sports betters interested in betting on teams that play in the NBA. Now, here I’m going to tell you why people are so interested in sports betting.

Easiness of betting

The first reason why people are interested in sports betting in the game of basketball is because it’s one of the easiest sports along with football to bet on. Both sports use a points spread system to wager on sides for teams and an over/under number according to the betting professionals at 농구 경기 일정.

The game’s popularity

Another is because ever since James Naismith created the game, it has grown to become the game that many kids, adults, and professionals play in the world. Many leagues around the world were formed, but one popular league in the United States, the NBA, has captured the hearts of many fans around the world. From countries such as the Philippines, China, and Spain, many love the NBA due to the events that are hosted there by some players of the NBA. Games are played in these countries some times but were held during the NBA preseason time.


The NBA has been around for 73 years and ever since the sport was created, it has become one of the most popular sports in the world. The game is played in many places and has become the pride and joy of national teams such as Spain, the USA, and the Philippines. Though, with the teams now that are in the NBA, the rosters in the 2019-2020 season are more balanced because the teams in the league aren’t really superteams, unlike the past three years with the Golden State Warriors. Having the most of the teams in the league balanced makes sports betting more fun because the teams have their superstars, but not too many of them.

The game of basketball itself is popular is because of the players that do the things that we aspire to do. Each of the players in the league have their own uniqueness to the game which they put out on the court. This is why many sports betters are so engaged too because there’s a lot of players to choose from. From Lebron, Curry, and Doncic, you get a superstar, but they play on different teams.

Other Leagues

Other countries though have their own leagues as well. In Europe, the Euroleague is regarded as one of the premier basketball leagues in Europe. China has the CBA, which has some former players that played in the NBA. With both of these leagues, there is a common message which is people also bet on leagues internationally.


End Of Article

The Worst Bets to Make in Baseball?

When a Good Team Loses

Typically, when good teams lose multiple games in a row, their fanbase (including anyone who wishes to place a bet on their next game) will assume that because they are on a losing streak, they are due to win their next game. This simply isn’t true. This is one of the most common betting mistakes across all sports, not just baseball. When a good team loses multiple games in a row, this can be a sign of an issue within the team that will not be resolved in time.

Perhaps the team only seemed good in the first place because they got lucky. Perhaps there are team chemistry issues that have come up, resulting in a lesser perforce from the team overall. Perhaps a player is injured and unable to play to their previous level of competition. There are a myriad of factors that can result in that team having a longer losing streak than just a few games, so anyone betting on a site like https://www.coffeescad.net 야구 기사 should be aware that a good team does not imply they are “due for a win.”

So yeah, even the guys that make insane plays can lose a game.


When There are Established Betting Trends

This mistake is especially common is baseball. Fans and betters see a team with a powerhouse lineup and automatically assume that this means that this team will not only win, but score a tremendous number of runs. This is not always the case. In fact, the more “star” players on a single team, the more likely it is that the team will not get along. This time and time again results in reduced performance, and has proved a costly bet for many. Just because a team is chock full of excellent players does not mean they will win, let alone score more runs than an average team. It is important to remember that having good players does not always equal having a good team. As counterintuitive as this may seem, smart betters keep this in mind.


Going With the “Popular” Choice

Many times, someone looking to place a bet on a game will be swayed towards betting for the team that everyone else is betting for. This is natural, as it may appear the more people that bet on a team to win, the more solid the bet is; however, this is simply not true. Betters can feel peer pressured to go along with the crowd, and this can end up being extremely costly. The team favored to win by many is not always going to be the team that ends up winning, as predictions are never an exact science. Betters should feel secure in making up their own mind about who to bet for.


Why Baseball Is So Popular Among Sports Bettors

Easy way to make money

Every better wants to make the right predictions. They precisely enjoy putting their knowledge on a particular sport to test. Baseball is one of the popular sports among bettors. This is because it is believed to be an easy way to make money through the right predictions. Hence, it’s one the most profitable betting sport for those who are sharp. You can find out on how to start betting on baseball by clicking this link.


Pitching Clock and Aligned Interests

Baseball is considered to have a vital variable on a game-to-game basis, which is pitching. In baseball gambling, pitching is the most imperative element. Usually, in every game, the starting pitcher changes despite the many instances where a manager trots out the same position bettors. The endless efforts of the manager, most of the time though not all, determine the results of the game. Thus, baseball is popular among bettors because of the interests of bettors and players being aligned. Due to that, no matter how overwhelming and confusing the odds can be, several individuals perceive baseball as the best sport to win a bet.


Lengthy Schedule and Modeling Ability

Often, baseball is predictable, and it is for that motive that its popularity is vast among the betting community. Also, it’s a sport with a small sample size, which makes it easy to model. Therefore it is not the craze that comes with betting on the National Football League but also the day to day fantasy baseball of bettors and their continual pursuit for an analytical edge. Moreover, baseball is the ultimate game of numbers. It has the most extended season in sports, and this gives the bettors a chance to get more analytical data and hence know what to do when betting. Baseball is that it has a drawn-out and lengthy schedule with a wide range of games played daily. In Major League Baseball, there are 162 games for each of the 30 teams playing and lasts April through November. This allows the smart bettors to maximize their edge.


Small House Edge and Money Line Sport

The number of baseball bettors has been doubling since 2016. In some casinos accounts for about 75% of what is bet on. However, it is not a shock to many casino owners because it has a lot of options for the bettors. In baseball, there are the run line and money line wagers at play.

Also, it has under and over totals, other “prop” bets, and series of prices. Besides, it has the option of placing future bets just like other sports. Also, it has a smaller house edge in betting. Baseball is considered a money line sport when compared to sports like basketball and football whose bets are mainly point spread. In this case, the bettors have the advantage of choosing who wins a particular game and not who necessarily covers.

Safe Strategies For Gambling On Soccer Online

Betting on soccer online can be a good way to show your skills on predicting the outcome of matches, and given the amount of options available in terms of strategies and betting methods, it can be very interesting once you get the hang of it. It should be treated like being a trader on the stock market – while it can be entertaining, gambling should be taken seriously.

Tipsters – Yay or Nay?

One way to ensure that you’re safe out there is by checking out what other gamblers are saying. Various judi bola online platforms offer tips regarding the outcome of matches, which can be useful when gambling. At the same time, it’s important not to rely on tips alone, and instead use them as a way to confirm your predictions. Tipsters are wrong every day, so the best way to stay safe when reading their prediction is to take them with a pinch of salt.

Hedging Your Bets

One way to ensure that you end up being profitable at the end of the match is by hedging your bets. Alternatively, you can hedge your bets in order to minimize your losses. Hedging involves placing a bet on a different outcome to the one on your original bet. There are calculators online which can help your figure out the amount of money you should bet so that you’re not too exposed.

Betting at The Last Minute

Platforms allow you to bet on a match while it’s still on-going. If you’re watching the game live and you have an idea of how things will develop then this could be a winning strategy. For example, if 80 minutes passed and both teams haven’t scored, perhaps one of them will push themselves to the limit and score at the last minute. The odds get higher the less time is remaining, which means you could make a profit if your prediction is correct.

Halftime and Fulltime Bets

This strategy involves betting on the outcome of the game at halftime and the final outcome. While it can increase your profits, there is also a chance that you might lose more money if your prediction isn’t correct. However, this could be a safe strategy if you have a good understanding of both teams and you’re convinced of how the game will turn out.

Picking Out A Good Platform

At the end of the day, gambling can be risky, which means it should be done responsibly. One way to ensure that you can be safe while gambling is by setting up a limit on the amount of money you want to use for your account. Similar to playing on the stock market, you shouldn’t use money that you can’t afford to lose. In addition to that, picking out the best platform possible is also important. Read through the terms of service before you open an account and make sure that the platform is the one for you.

How to increase your chances of winning money on online slots

While most people that play online slots have as much chance of winning as anyone else, there are several things you can do to increase your own chances. These things do not cost anything, and only take a little time to do. Yet, if you do them consistently, your chances of winning at online slots or สล็อต go up quite exponentially.

Start out with a spending limit — The wise gambler starts out with a limit they can afford to spend in one session. When they get to or are close to that limit, they stop. That way they have money to be able to come back another day when their luck is better, rather than wasting more money chasing after money they have already lost.

Split up the money you deposit into sessions — Most people who play online slots deposit the money they are going to gamble with that month all at the same time. The problem with that is it is then easy to spend all your money in one sitting, and not be able to afford to gamble for the rest of the month.

Split up your available money into sessions, however, and only spend the money you can afford in one session and you will find yourself less stressed and able to afford to play longer.

Stick to two hours or less — One of the biggest mistakes online slot players make is they begin to gamble and do not know when to stop. This can end up causing them to become tired, irritable and, of course, to make many mistakes. Set an alarm for two hours every time you start to play online slots and, as soon as it rings, stop playing for the day. This will usually mean you lose less money, get less tired and enjoy each session more.

Keep your winnings — One mistake novice gamblers make when playing online slots is putting their winnings back into their general fund, and then keep playing with them. What happens, of course, is they then lose all the money they won.

Keep your winnings in a separate place, and never use them for gambling on the online slots. Instead, just keep gambling with the money you have earmarked for the month. Then, even if you do not win anything at the end of it, you will still have some winnings to celebrate.

Take advantage of the free machines — Every site has free machines. Practice on them for at least a couple of hours before you begin to spend real money on a site. This will give you a feel for each machine, as well as allow you to practice.

Bet on many paylines — While it may seem safer to only bet on one payline at once when you first begin to gamble, if you bet on as many paylines as you can afford, you have a much better chance of winning. In other words, it is better to only bet a few times but bet on all paylines than it is to bet many times but only on one.