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Welcome to Textic Talk, the best website for young and newbie gamblers. We include articles about typical or standard gambling as well as the latest online gambling sites that have the best offers for gamblers. We also include tips and techniques that can help you in winning your bets in a particular game.

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Textic talk is made up of professional and experienced writers who are gamblers ourselves. We aim to give the best knowledge for startup gamblers and help them in our own simple ways.

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Avoiding Avoidable Online Gambling Mistakes

People have various reasons for pursuing online gambling: Some seek entertainment, others pursue a passion, yet all hope to turn skill and timing into cash. Beginning online gamblers should avoid the biggest online gambling mistakes.


Mistake Number One: Not Casing Out the Casino

Not all online casinos are created equal. Casinos can only grow and thrive to the extent that they attract and retain clientele. For this reason casinos must be perceived as legal and fair. Search for casinos that are fully licensed, that have been in business for at least five scandal-free years, that pay without delay, and that consistently appear on lists of “trustworthy casinos”. Legitimate casinos comply with legal and industry standards for identification requirements, and they have strong safeguards in place such as prohibiting underage gambling.


Mistake Number Two: Trying for Too Much Anonymity

One of the advantages of online gambling is the opportunity to participate from the relative seclusion of your home. However, do not let the desire to “fly under the radar” lead you to registering with falsified information and identification. If you succeed in registering with fake information you may still find yourself without access to your winnings.


Mistake Number Three: Not Ensuring Your Payment Option

Being able to pay for your participation and having immediate access to your winnings are central to your online gambling. Even before downloading the online casino’s software make sure that your preferred payment method is a factor in your selection of an online casino. Focus on a casino that already makes regular use of your preferred payment option.


Mistake Number Four: Rushing Past the Rules

Virtual games are never completely identical to physical ones, so learn the rules well before engaging in a game. Even a game as straightforward as slot machines will still have rules for its online version. Knowing those rules well may help you understand part of the strategy for success. Make sure you have done your study of the game and its parameters prior to pulling the lever.


Mistake Number Five: Not Setting Boundaries

Most beginning gamblers understand that setting limits on expenditures is key to regular and reasonable participation. Money invested, however, is not the only parameter: your time is just as valuable. Ensure that you are refreshed and in good form for playing by setting and sticking to reasonable time limits, both in terms of duration and frequency.


Beginning online gamblers can avoid avoidable mistakes by choosing a reputable casino, registering with their actual identification, and ensuring that their preferred payment method is accepted. Once registered, beginners should undertake a thorough study of a game’s rules before playing on sites like 스포츠토토사이트. Then by setting reasonable limits on spending and time the beginner can begin to enjoy the online gambling experience.

Easy tips for betting on football (soccer) games online

If you love to bet on football, but have not yet bet online, these easy tips will allow you to get into this popular form of gambling more easily.

After all, with hundreds of millions of people around the world betting on football games online every month, if you are a football fan you are really missing out.


Choose the online casino where you will gamble — With thousands of online casinos allowing betting on football or soccer, it is important to choose a reputable casino like prediksi bola jitu.

If you are not sure how to find one, join an online forum dedicated to online football betting and ask other football gamblers for their recommendations.

Be sure you also consider registering with an online casino offering free bonuses to new customers. After all, this is free cash that can be spent betting on any football game or team you like.


Choose a football league — If you are a novice football gambler, it is best to choose just one football league to gamble on. This will make it easier to keep up with the teams playing in that league, and increase your chances of placing the best bets.


Learn about each team — Just like betting on football teams offline, you will want to be sure you are knowledgeable about each team that is playing in a league.

This usually means keeping up on the news about each team, what is happening to their best players, if they have problems with their management or coach, and what their wins and losses have been in the past.

Once you have this information before you bet, it makes it easier to place bets that may pay off for you. We recommend soccer sites or big youtube channel that cover daily soccer news.


Research predictions — Your next step should be to research predictions for upcoming games before betting on them. This can be done by reading the opinions of several football experts and deciding who do you think is likely to be the most correct.

There are also online websites you can read that will give you the most up-to-date information about each team and each league. Do not bet on football games online until you have this information.


Placing bets on football games online — Now you need to decide on the type of bet you are going to place.

Will it be a bet for a specific team to win, a match to end as a draw or for specific players to score the goals?

For your first few times betting on football online, it is usually best to keep your bets as simple as possible. You can place more complicated bets in the future, along with higher amounts of money being bet.

Safe Strategies For Gambling On Soccer Online

Betting on soccer online can be a good way to show your skills on predicting the outcome of matches, and given the amount of options available in terms of strategies and betting methods, it can be very interesting once you get the hang of it. It should be treated like being a trader on the stock market – while it can be entertaining, gambling should be taken seriously.

Tipsters – Yay or Nay?

One way to ensure that you’re safe out there is by checking out what other gamblers are saying. Various judi bola online platforms offer tips regarding the outcome of matches, which can be useful when gambling. At the same time, it’s important not to rely on tips alone, and instead use them as a way to confirm your predictions. Tipsters are wrong every day, so the best way to stay safe when reading their prediction is to take them with a pinch of salt.

Hedging Your Bets

One way to ensure that you end up being profitable at the end of the match is by hedging your bets. Alternatively, you can hedge your bets in order to minimize your losses. Hedging involves placing a bet on a different outcome to the one on your original bet. There are calculators online which can help your figure out the amount of money you should bet so that you’re not too exposed.

Betting at The Last Minute

Platforms allow you to bet on a match while it’s still on-going. If you’re watching the game live and you have an idea of how things will develop then this could be a winning strategy. For example, if 80 minutes passed and both teams haven’t scored, perhaps one of them will push themselves to the limit and score at the last minute. The odds get higher the less time is remaining, which means you could make a profit if your prediction is correct.

Halftime and Fulltime Bets

This strategy involves betting on the outcome of the game at halftime and the final outcome. While it can increase your profits, there is also a chance that you might lose more money if your prediction isn’t correct. However, this could be a safe strategy if you have a good understanding of both teams and you’re convinced of how the game will turn out.

Picking Out A Good Platform

At the end of the day, gambling can be risky, which means it should be done responsibly. One way to ensure that you can be safe while gambling is by setting up a limit on the amount of money you want to use for your account. Similar to playing on the stock market, you shouldn’t use money that you can’t afford to lose. In addition to that, picking out the best platform possible is also important. Read through the terms of service before you open an account and make sure that the platform is the one for you.

How to increase your chances of winning money on online slots

While most people that play online slots have as much chance of winning as anyone else, there are several things you can do to increase your own chances. These things do not cost anything, and only take a little time to do. Yet, if you do them consistently, your chances of winning at online slots or สล็อต go up quite exponentially.

Start out with a spending limit — The wise gambler starts out with a limit they can afford to spend in one session. When they get to or are close to that limit, they stop. That way they have money to be able to come back another day when their luck is better, rather than wasting more money chasing after money they have already lost.

Split up the money you deposit into sessions — Most people who play online slots deposit the money they are going to gamble with that month all at the same time. The problem with that is it is then easy to spend all your money in one sitting, and not be able to afford to gamble for the rest of the month.

Split up your available money into sessions, however, and only spend the money you can afford in one session and you will find yourself less stressed and able to afford to play longer.

Stick to two hours or less — One of the biggest mistakes online slot players make is they begin to gamble and do not know when to stop. This can end up causing them to become tired, irritable and, of course, to make many mistakes. Set an alarm for two hours every time you start to play online slots and, as soon as it rings, stop playing for the day. This will usually mean you lose less money, get less tired and enjoy each session more.

Keep your winnings — One mistake novice gamblers make when playing online slots is putting their winnings back into their general fund, and then keep playing with them. What happens, of course, is they then lose all the money they won.

Keep your winnings in a separate place, and never use them for gambling on the online slots. Instead, just keep gambling with the money you have earmarked for the month. Then, even if you do not win anything at the end of it, you will still have some winnings to celebrate.

Take advantage of the free machines — Every site has free machines. Practice on them for at least a couple of hours before you begin to spend real money on a site. This will give you a feel for each machine, as well as allow you to practice.

Bet on many paylines — While it may seem safer to only bet on one payline at once when you first begin to gamble, if you bet on as many paylines as you can afford, you have a much better chance of winning. In other words, it is better to only bet a few times but bet on all paylines than it is to bet many times but only on one.

How to Play 99 Domino Pokers and Win More Home Games and Chips

Understanding the History of Domino Poker

Around the 950 AD, the Chinese invented a game that is currently known as poker. By then, they named it domino cards or Pai Gow Poker – the original version of the now globally played poker games. Since the initial creation of the table game, multiple developers have developed different variations of the game. In fact, some modifications threatened to replace the nice table game, but it remains a favorite game among poker players. A typical variation Domino 99 Poker is a production by Onsof Games and is a video game played on the Android platform. Its rules and winning strategies vary from other types of poker or card games, thus, the need to understand these game aspects. Now, let’s dive into rules that you must always know when playing Domino Poker.

Domino Poker 99 Playing Principles

In case you are wondering if there’s a difference between Domino Poker and 99 Domino Poker, it is worth noting that the two names refer to the same game – a video game designed to fit a maximum of four players and a minimum of two players. To kick off the game, the players (two, three, or four) agree on a certain amount of money to place in the pot. The players then decide on the least and maximum limits to raise their contributions – ante – in the pot. All tiles (dominoes) apart from five dominoes to each player are left facing down. The facing down dominoes are reshuffled.

After a reshuffling of the dominoes, a player has these options during their playing turn: to fold, call, check, raise, or bet. If the game is not in subsequent rounds of betting, checking is allowed. When you check, you’ll remain the game’s participant, but you cannot raise the contribution in the pot. Folding means you are opting out of the game, and you don’t reveal your hand. Like a check, you can only bet if the game is in its initial round, and involves putting your money into the pot. Whenever a call is made, it means that a player has bet on the continuing game using the same contribution. This action prompts for revealing hands by every player. Lastly, you can choose the raise option. This option means that you want the game to continue but with higher amounts. Therefore, players who wish to proceed with the game have to place more bets or contributions equal to their original bet – but not lower.

Winning More on 99 Domino Poker

Whether you want to win a home game or get more chips, you have to master several playing strategies. First, take advantage of the folding option. When you are dropping out of the game, you don’t reveal your hand. This allows you sufficient time to count your cards or dominoes, which always give players an advantage. Then, consider playing using the lower value hands options. Using top value hands technique is an uphill task – there are 1.8 million possibilities, out of which a set can contain only five double! Finally, you can play 99 Domino Poker even if you are a novice poker player; you can as well play the game online.