Different sports betters usually have varying reasons and factors they consider before deciding which sport to bet on. But some sports have higher potential than others to make great money compared to the rest. Sports such as soccer, the National football league, or NFL, as it’s popularly known, and boxing form p [art of the top 3 games you can bet your money on.

  1. Football

If you happen to ask around the betting community, you will be surprised that approximately 70 percent or higher consider football as the best sporting activity to place your bet on. It is not a coincidence as football is among the most popular game in the united states. Serious persons on betting usually place their bets on the national football league, the NFL, and the college football league.

Based on the data collected from the American gaming association, in the year 2015, an approximate $93 billion was invested in both college and professional football betting across the united states. The figures are estimated to rise with the legalization of betting activities in the country.


  1. Soccer

Globally, soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the planet, making it one of the most profitable sporting activities locally and internationally. In terms of winning and investments made in soccer betting, this sport is quite beneficial.

Soccer is highly popular across the board because of the number of famous soccer clubs spread across Europe and the United States. Betting on judi bola is quite fascinating as there are many options for a player can place their bet. Various soccer clubs play at different points of the year, making soccer betting an all-round venture where soccer fanatics can follow multiple football leagues, say in Germany, Spain, or in England’s at various times.

Soccer also has sensational moments where they bring almost every sporting action to a standstill with the world cup. Betting on football powerhouses such as Germany, Brazil, or France makes the entire betting fun and comfortable.


  1. Boxing

For instance, if you consider the united states’ most popular sports, Boxing won’t miss on that list. As things continue to change, Boxing has become even more profitable to place your bet on. Unlike other sporting activities, Boxing has some unique outcomes that you can easily predict without complex analysis.

The primary reason why betting on Boxing gets almost considered a sure bet gets attributed to the limited number of outcomes from the sporting match. The above scenario leads to a limited number of decisions you can make in a bet that will complicate your outcome. Boxing gets not controlled by season. It’s a sporting activity you can bet on all year round, hence providing you with endless opportunities to cash in.