Not long ago, Bitcoin was a term that only geeks and tech surveys understood and used. This form of cryptocurrency was new to many individuals and the few that used it were those that wanted to change the world. However, the use of Bitcoin has increased steadily over the years especially since the value of 1 Bitcoin was put at 20, 000 dollars in 2017. Bitcoin is now used widely to buy all kinds of goods and also services, and the gambling world is slowly embracing it as well. Many gambling platforms such as online casinos, bookers and poker rooms are now using BTC as a form of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin casinos

Gambling in itself is a risky business, but it has tremendous profits if you are aware of what you are doing. Online casinos are excellent platforms to gamble, and you can do it at the comfort of your home or office. Bitcoin casinos have the same characteristics as online casinos the only difference being that they use Bitcoin as a form of currency. Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that is used across the world and has no physical item. This means that you cannot find it in coins or dollar bills. Bitcoin is stored online on wallets, and one can trade it on BTC exchanges. The wallet acts as your bank account where you store you BTC and can exchange it for goods and services online. You cannot withdraw Bitcoin from your wallet physically, but you can exchange it to get Euros or US dollars.

Bitcoin casinos transact purely on Bitcoin, but there are a few that offer the option of Bitcoin and use US dollars. These casinos offer a wide variety of games in which you can bet on using your Bitcoin money and some of them might even offer a bitcoin casino bonus. Some of the games that you can bet for include: casino games, gambling games, spread betting, and online lotteries. All you need to do is deposit your Bitcoin on your online gambling platform the same way you would deposit money from your e-wallet. The withdrawal process is also the same where you withdraw your Bitcoin from the casino to your wallet.


Bitcoin casinos are increasingly becoming popular because of a number of things. First, it allows for anonymity especially for individuals that are in countries that do not accept internet gambling. Therefore, a tip for such people is to use Bitcoin while gambling online because it hides their identity. Second Bitcoin casinos have zero transaction fees and have no limits when gambling. Other casinos have transaction fees and limits when it comes to gambling which affects many people who want to play big. Lastly, Bitcoin is free from government control which allows Bitcoin casinos to add their own tweaks to games which many players find interesting. Bitcoin casinos are therefore a great way to gamble online while being safe and secure with your money.