The Facts

No federal law against gambling online exists on the books in America currently or in the past, but there are some states that have vague and almost unenforceable rules against online gambling. Additionally, no one has ever been arrested for using this format to place real money bets by federal prosecutors. There are online gambling website operators that are American citizens using their real names without fear of prosecution, so the average gambler looking to enjoy the evening on an online casino is sure to not be penalized. So, because of the lack of any federal ordinance against gambling at online casinos, it is a legal activity at this level, and even in some severely constrictive conservative states, prosecution is almost non-existent. There have even been certain federal prosecutors that have stated under oath particular court proceedings that people placing bets online in America are not in violation of any existing federal law.

The law lies

Additionally, they back the claim with real evidence that no citizen of America has ever had a federal case against them for gambling online, so because of the lack of a law against the activity, it is deemed legal. In 2006, Congress enacted a law that affected banks trying to move gambling money made from already illegal banking associations, gambling firms and people, but it was reported as if Congress banned online gambling altogether. However, the statute does not make it illegal to place bets online, and it also does not extend or manufacture any ban on online gambling. So to clear up the erroneous report with facts, the actual law strictly prohibits interpreting the 2006 law to change, restrict, or extend any federal, state or tribal law, and this includes state compacts with tribes and the state’s laws themselves that prohibit, grant permits for, or otherwise regulate gambling in America. So there can be no de facto practice of restricting gambling because no laws have done so, and new laws are forbidden from changing the status quo.


However, online casino sports betting and online sports betting in general is against federal law, so websites enabling sports bets online from Americans in America are in violation of federal law also. To get around this, many online gambling sites like gclub are hosted outside of the US. But it is not illegal for Americans to place these types of bets, so no citizen gambling in sports betting would be affected only the offending casino. Additionally, in 2011 the Department of Justice also admitted that the Wire Act does not strictly prohibit casino and poker bets either, but for years the Department of Justice used this act to restrict online casino and poker bets at online casinos anyway. Eventually, the laws will either be more codified or rejected in the pursuit of regulating the online gaming industry. This is true because millions of Americans enjoy this convenient and satisfying form of casino gambling, so the issue will always have some attention by political entities. However, people should research the rules in their particular area because of the potentiality of any new laws being retroactive.

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