Every sports bettor aspires to make it big in the industry. While some want to hit the million-dollar club instantly, some focus on taking small strategic steps and slowly working their way up. As a result, the sports bk8 betting industry has a plethora of average sports bettors who come and go without making a mark but manage to make a decent fortune.

However, a few individuals took the betting world by storm, and to date, their names are widely popular. These individuals belong to the coveted group of the most successful sports bettors in history. Continue reading below to find a little about some of these individuals.

Billy Walters

Billy Walters is regarded as a legend in the history of sports betting. His life story is the stuff for movies. It is known that Billy Walters won more than 150 million dollars in betting. His main sports of choice were basketball and college football.

Billy Walters, originally named William T. Walters, started his career in gambling initially and later moved on to sports betting. A career that began in 1980 continued for around 39 years, with the majority of the years laden with hefty wins, so much so that it is said that during all these years, he faced losses in one year only.

Haralabos Voulgaris

Haralabos Voulgaris is regarded as the most successful bettor in NBA. Voulgaris started betting at the young age of 25 but surprised many by winning millions from his successful bets in NBA. He had a much-strategized approach to betting, which was driven by mathematical calculations based on glitches he had identified in the Sportsbooks. Thus, it enabled him to win in volumes.

Steve Fezzik

The next individual to grace our list is Steve Fezzik. Some of you might remember him from the movie “Life on the line.”  He was called the world’s best bettor in the movie. Fezzik is, in fact, the world’s best NFL sports betting tournament player. He won the Las Vegas Super Hilton contest in 2008 and 2009, the only individual who won the contest two times.

Steve Fezzik began betting in the 90s, and then by the end of the decade, he had left his regular job to focus on betting primarily and shifted to Las Vegas in 2001 and started participating in high-end betting in sports.

Ashton Kutcher

Most of us know Ashton Kutcher as a famous movie actor. However, the truth is, Kutcher has a long history of successful betting in sports as well. Kutcher had invested in an eSports company called Unikrn, which later on formed a partnership with MGM International. This allowed Unikrn to host events in Las Vegas. At present, Ashton Kutcher is actively involved in promoting esports and betting.

It may come as a surprise, but betting is not only a form of entertainment for Kutcher. Instead, the actor turned gambler regards it as a game of numbers and applied a tactical approach to place successful bets.

Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom is the founder of the Star Lizard Company, which is the UK’s biggest betting concern and is dedicated to soccer betting mainly. Like Billy Walters, Tony Bloom also began his career as a gambler and later moved on to sports betting. He was an avid soccer fan in his early days and combined his love for the sport with betting to earn millions. His company is said to generate a profit of 100 million euros annually. Tony Bloom’s net worth is appraised to be over a billion dollars.