At the casino, some games give the player better odds of winning. Table games give players better odds of winning. These games are more complex than games with lower odds of winning. Remember that there is always a luck factor. The complexity of table games evens the odds and introduces a greater skill factor than simpler games.




Blackjack is a fairly simple card game in which the player’s odds of winning approaches 49%. In Blackjack all players play against the dealer. All cards come from the same deck. Every player’s odds of drawing a particular card is pretty even. The odds advantage for the dealer is usually less than 1%. Remember, if there are more than one player, the odds of a particular player winning are reduced.




Craps is a multi-player dice game. One player, the Shooter, rolls the dice and wins or loses based on the result. Other players bet on the result of the Shooter’s roll. There are several ways to place a bet in Craps. Will he roll over or under the number he needs to win? The odds of that bet is approximately 50%. There are other bets players can make that have much lower odds of winning. Those bets pay much higher returns. Craps takes little skill but does test a player’s feel for probability.




The odds of winning at Roulette can be almost as high as 50%. The wheel is divided into 36 red and black slots, and one or two green slots. It is the green slots that keeps the odds from reaching 50%. Like Craps, there are several ways to place a bet in Roulette. The simplest, and highest odds bet is to bet on red or black. Since nearly half the slots are red and nearly half are black, betting red or black holds the same odds. A player can bet on particular numbers, and even the green slots. The odds of winning that bet is much lower but pays much higher.




The odds in poker vary wildly based on skill level of the players involved. In poker, each player is completing against the other players and the house. At a non gamstop casino, there are tables of various skill levels. Find the table that appears to be at your skill level before you ante in.


Slot Machines


The odds of slot machines are astronomically high. The typical slot machine has several levels of winning, but the odds of winning a jackpot is nearly 50 million to 1.


Your best bet when you go to the casino is, just bet on having fun. Play games you like and don’t go overboard.