The Bingo game has been thrilling players since the 16th century when it got its start in Italy. The game is really based on random chance. Since the game is based on random chance, an element of luck does have a role in the game. Experienced players do have a bag of tricks including techniques that give them advantages over the competition. Try one or more of these and make your player life easier.

Find a Venue with Fewer Players

Many people believe the fewer players playing increases your chances to win. This is true for some sites, but be careful. If the prize depends on the number of players playing, you may win at sites with fewer players. However, the prize you win is smaller.

Limit the Number of Cards You Play at the Same Time

Playing more than two or three cards at the same time isn’t a good idea. If you play ten or more cards at the same time, you may be overwhelmed by trying to keep track of all the cards. If so, you may miss seeing a number or two on your cards and winning may become difficult for you. If you’re a beginner, you certainly should limit your cards to two or three.

Read Reviews of Online Bingo Sites

You don’t want to win and have a site refuse to give you your prize. There are online sites that operate under fraudulent settings. Sites that are well-reviewed have a reputation for playing fair.

There are also sites that offer bonus bingo games. The sites that offer bonus games are usually reputable ones.

You should visit online message boards. These message boards sometimes will inform you if anyone reported getting ripped off.

Play at the Same Online Site Often

Playing at a site you are familiar with can influence the overall quality of your experience. If you have a favorite site and stick to it, you’ll enjoy your Internet bingo sessions more. Being familiar with a site’s unique feeling will add to your gaming experience. You may also enjoy exchanges with friends in the site’s chat feature.

Try the Joseph E. Granville Strategy

Joseph E. Granville was a well-known financial writer in the United States. According to Granville, the determining factor of winning at bingo is having a card with the right numbers. In order to increase your odds of winning, you should check that your bingo card has the following:

  • The number of low and high numbers should be equal.
  • The card should have an equal number of even and odd numbers.
  • The card should have the same amount of numbers ending with 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0.

When playing online, you should select another bingo card if you don’t like the one you have.

Try the Strategy of L.H.C. Tippett

A British statistician has an original strategy to improve your chances of winning at Bingo. His novel approach was reached by his analyzing probabilities and statistics of the numbers when you play 75-ball bingo. His theory is based on the length of time the game is played. A long game increases the chance that the numbers drawn will be closer to 38 which is the medium number. Short bingo games increase the chance that the numbers drawn will be close to 75 and to 1.

You can take advantage of this knowledge:

  • When you play a short bingo game, you should choose bingo cards with numbers close to 75 and 1.
  • When you play a bingo game that is expected to last long such as blackout bingo, you should choose bingo cards with numbers close to 38 which is the medium number.

Get Advice from Experienced Bingo Players

Experienced bingo players will often share the successful strategies they have used. They are usually happy to share their winning strategies.