Online poker is a very exciting game to play. Not only can you win large and thrilling prizes, but it is a game that you can engage in in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Just as in poker games that are played in person, you can play “out of position” in online poker.

What is “Out of Position”?

In a game of poker, all players have a position. You “have position” on all opponents who take a turn before you. You act “out of position” on all players who take a turn after you. Poker is played in a clockwise fashion. Therefore, you “have position” on those to the right of you.

How Important is Position?

Your position is very important because it will tell you a lot about the other players in your game. Your position will give you information on when it is prudent to bet, to bluff or to raise other players. Playing a game in “position” will give you greater control over the size of the pot and will enable you to create more valuable bets.

What are the Best Moves for “Out of Position” in Online Poker?

If you play “out of position” in poker, you can make any move that you want and you can act against the players before you. Many players choose to make bets or view the flop before their turn actually comes up. This is valuable because it makes it possible to raise the pot, flop or bluff your way to a larger bet at any time in the game.

When Should I Stay “On Position”?

If you have the position of dealer or you are “on the button”, you want to keep your position. This is because you get to see what all the other players are going to do before you take your turn. This will give you more information to make a better informed decision on how to act. Even if you are “on the button”, you can still play “out of position”. It is not recommended because that is already the best position to have. If you have a small or a medium pair, it is recommended to view the flop before making any moves.

Online poker is one of the most satisfying pastimes that you can engage in. Not only is it a fun game to play, but it can win you big and exiting prizes. Many online casinos, such as, emulate the thrill of going to a big casino in Las Vegas. When you “have position” or choose to play “out of position”, there are many ways to have fun in this game.