India is one of the countries where there are several gambling games which you can try your luck. Gambling games involve risks. These games have players staking something with the hope of winning something greater in return. Most gambling games involve winning huge sums of money as their prize reward, making them very alluring to people.


The gambling industry is constantly growing, with companies coming up with new games that provide people with higher stakes with promises of a greater return. This article is focused on some of the top gambling games in India.


Satta King

This is one of the oldest gambling games in India, having started before the country’s independence. The game has initially featured a pot with the numbers 1 to 100 inside. Out of the one hundred numbers, one is taken out, and the player has to pick a number. If the Satta king player picks a number matching the one that was taken out, then he gets to win the prize money.

Over the years, SattaKing has evolved onto online platforms and can be played both online and offline. There are several companies that deal in Satta king. These companies give 80 or 90 into the rate, making it difficult to win. The games are most popular in northern India, with people playing offline can play through khaiwals while those who are playing online play by contacting contact agents. Players are encouraged to be wary of fraudsters.



This game goes by different names, Chaupar, chopped, and chapped in different parts of India. This is a cross and circle board game that has similarities with Pachisi. The board used is usually made of either wool or cotton and comes with wooden pawns and seven cowry shells that are used to determine a player’s move. However, in some cases, players use three four sides long dice to differentiate Chaupar from Pachisi.

The game has four players, each positioned at the different arms of the board. At the center of the game are the player’s homes. Each player has to enter their four men into the game at the starting point and traveling them along the edges of the game while knocking out the men of their opponents before returning to their home.

Indian Rummy

This is a card game in India that has some similarities with the original rummy card game. This game involves making valid sets from 13 cards distributed among players at the table. Each player plays by drawing and discarding cards till they obtain a set that matches the rummy validation rules.

There are two possible sets that a player can use to win, a run of consecutive suited cards and three or four of a kind. To win this game player needs to have a winning hand with at least two sequences with one sequence consisting of only pure cards.