If you are new to playing online casino games, you may want to know about the games that are currently the top five online casino games. After all, if they are so popular, there must be good reasons why so many people play them.


These top five online casino games are the most popular games at a huge number of Internet-based casinos. Usually due to them being easier to win on than any other game, but for other important reasons as well.


The slots — The slot machines often offer very large jackpots to those that are lucky enough to win them. They are also easy to play, have many pay lines so you can bet a small amount or a much larger sum on each spin, and have a huge number of game designs to enjoy.


They are also the games a large number of gamblers are already familiar with, due to them playing the slots during visits to offline casinos.


Roulette — Roulette is popular due to it being a simple game to learn, and a simple game to win while playing. Especially as the house advantage is one of the lowest in most online casinos.


Of course, roulette can be a complicated game, depending on how you choose to gamble on it. For beginning gamblers, however, just sticking to gambling on red or black or an odd or even number is often quite lucrative.


Blackjack — Blackjack is popular due to it being a fast-paced game, and a game where the outcome is one in which either you or the dealer has the best hand. That means, no matter how many other people are playing at the same blackjack table, the only other important person is the dealer.


It also has the lowest house advantage of any other game, and that gives you a much higher chance of winning when playing it.


Keno — Keno became popular after tens of millions of Asian players began to gamble online, as keno is one of the most played games in Asia.


It is another simple game to learn, as it only requires you to be able to choose 15 numbers out of 80 numbers picked by the keno machine. Once you have chosen your numbers, you wait to see if the 20 numbers out of the original 80 the keno machine then picks match any of yours.


Poker — Poker is one of the world’s most popular casino games so, of course, it is going to be a popular judi online casino game as well.


With millions of online poker rooms to join at any given time, it is no wonder so many offline poker players have now moved online to play.


Online pots in the game can also be quite large, which often means it is even more lucrative than playing the game offline.