The top five casino online games in 2019 are basically the same as the top five games most years.

This is because there are a set of games that were popular at offline casinos already. When those games were able to be played at an online casino such as situs judi slot terbaik, their popularity came with them.


The slots — The slots have always been online casinos most popular games due to the large number of different themed games you can play.

With the addition of up to 20 paylines per machine, payouts have become very high. This has encouraged people to play the slots in even higher numbers than before.


Poker — Offline’s most popular game, poker moved online right at the beginning of the online casino craze and brought many of its players with it.

Nowadays more people play poker online than offline, which is primarily due to the huge number of poker rooms available and the large pots that can be won. Poker tournaments with large cash prizes encourage even more players to play online poker.


Roulette — Roulette gained its popularity from James Bond movies, but has stayed popular in its own right due to it being fun to play.

Beginners can enjoy roulette, as they can choose to place a bet on an either/or outcome. Expert gamblers love it as risks can be high, but payouts are huge.

The rules are quite easy:

Baccarat — People who do not enjoy playing against large groups of people love baccarat as it is just them against the dealer.

The rules of the game are also simple. Get your cards up to 21 or as close to it as you can, and try not to go over it. If your cards are better than the dealer’s, you win.


Craps — If you love dice games, craps is the one to play. All you have to do is to bet on the outcome of the dice being rolled.

People love playing it online as there are none of the strict codes of conduct that exist at offline casinos.